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Orlando Benitez

Orlando Benitez MD is an Internal Medicine Physician with a Subspecialty Fellowship Certification in Geriatrics.  His Managed Care experience as a Medical Director was in the field of GeriatricsDr. Benitez has been involved in research and has published articles during his training. Dr. Benitez is a graduate of the State of New York Downstate Medical Center and served as Chief Resident and completed Geriatric Medicine Fellowships at Mt Sinai School of Medicine in New York, Jewish Hospital and Home for the Aged, University of South Florida College of Medicine, the General Hospital and the James Haley Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in Tampa, Florida 

Dr. Orlando Benitez loves to empower his patients with educational tools. For over 30 years patient education has played an important role for the health outcomes of his patients. 

Dr. Benitez enjoys spending time with his family. He loves reading, traveling and playing tennis. 

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Ernesto L. Izquierdo

Dr. Izquierdo dreamed as a child of becoming a Physician. He has dedicated over 30 years of caring for his patients with love and compassion.  Dr. Izquierdo feels his patients are his family and gives his patients 100of his attention with love, compassion and knowledge. 

Dr. Izquierdo is a Primary Care Physician with experience in Pediatric Care, Emergency Medicine and Neonatology. Dr. Izquierdo is a graduate of Universidad Central del Este in the Dominican Republic. He served as a Medical Director and as an Associate Director of Emergency Medicine and Trauma. Dr. Izquierdo’s role at NeighborMD is to provide the highest quality care to his patients working closely alongside them to reach optimal Health and Wellness. 

 Dr. Izquierdo loves to dance, travel and enjoys long walks on the beach. He enjoys learning different languages and experiencing different cultures. 

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Miriam Zapata

Miriam Zapata is Board Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner with over 28 years of experience in Pediatrics, Cardiovascular and Endocrinology. Her passion for nursing is driven by the bonds she builds with her patients. She enjoys working closely with patients and their families to create Personal Care Plans for long healthy life. Miriam loves empowering patients through their health journey and believes in treating the whole person including their families and culture. Family and cultures influence the lifestyle which in turn impacts the health and well being of her patients. 

Miriam values the provider patient relationship and believes that it is established through building strong communication and engagement. 

Miriam enjoys gardening and she compares taking care of plants to taking care of the varying needs of her patients ensuring their nourishment, flourishing health and needs. 

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Health Coaches 

Anjelika Morgan 

Anjelika Morgan serves as one of our Health Coaches at the NeighborMD of Longwood. As a recent graduate from Florida Technical College in Kissimmee, FL. Anjelika is passionate about patient health and wellness.

Since joining NeighborMD of Longwood Anjelika has broadened her passions and enjoys playing an important role in her patient’s care.

Anjelika enjoys spending time with her growing her toddler and supportive husband. She shares her love for her family and is able to arrive every day giving the patients at NeighborMD of Longwood her full dedication.

Isabel Torres 

Isabel Torres is a Health Coach at NeighborMD of Longwood. She is a bilingual coach with more than 20 years of experience in health care. Isabel is passionate about working with diverse populations and meeting the patients’ needs by being available 24/7.

Isabel’s goal is for the patient to have an easy convenient experience.

Isabel enjoys spending time with her family when she is not working at NeighborMD.

Nancy Reddit

Nancy Reddit is an experienced Health Coach at NeighborMD of Longwood. Her degree as an Associate of Science for Medical Technology has served the Longwood community for over 25 years.

Nancy has worked with a drug research company where she became a certified research coordinator for 12 years. Nancy then went on to being a Health Coach where she’s most passionate about helping patients with their needs and goals.

Nancy enjoys going for long walks on beach, reading and watching NetFlix. She also loves spending time with her daughter.

Edward Smith

Ed Smith is a dedicated Health Coach at NeighborMD of Longwood, NeighborMD of Kissimmee and NeighborMD of Orlando. Ed has an Associate Degree in Science and Medical Assisting and has served in the medical field since 1981.

Ed is an experienced Hospital Corpsman in the U.S. Navy both in the hospital and as a combat medic. Edward enjoys assisting providers and serving our patients as a Health Coach addressing questions and concerns our patients may have.

Care Coordinators  

Ariana Ortiz Calderon 

Ariana Ortiz Calderon is one of the first friendly face as patients walk into NeighborMD of Longwood. She assists patients with new appointments, insurance questions and coordinates referrals for the patients. Ariana is a Care Coordinator at NeighborMD of Longwood.

She began her career after graduating High School. Through the years she has gained respect for the field and is passionate about caring for patients. Ariana has served the Longwood community for 3 years. Her knowledge has increased and compassion for patient that enters NeighborMD. As a care coordinator she hopes to continue to be of service to the Longwood community.

Ariana was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Florida at a young age. Her favorite memories were created at Disney where she adopted “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun,” from Mary Poppins. She strives to bring that element with her coworkers and patients.

Katia Sutton 

Katia Sutton is a Care Coordinator at NeighborMD of Longwood. She goes above and beyond to be with NeighborMD patients every step of the way. Patients that need assistance or information Katia provides the support and information needed. The medical field has always peaked Katia’s interests. She is pursuing a career in Veterinarian Medicine.

Katia enjoys working with people and is very creative.

The medical field has always peaked Katia’s interests and is pursuing a career in Veterinarian Medicine.

Katia enjoys working with people and is very creative.

Olga Rodriguez 

Olga Rodriguez is a Care Coordinator at NeighborMd of Longwood. Her experience reaches over 15 years in Longwood and is a graduate of the Florida Technical College with a degree in Medical Administration and has spent 34 years in the medical field.

She is passionate about helping others achieve health and wellness.

Olga loves spending time with her 2 adult children, daughter in-law and 2 grandchildren.

Maranyeli Madera 

Maranyeli Madera serves as a Care Coordinator at NeighborMD of Longwood. Mara assists patients with the checkout process explaining their visit results and also helps with setting their next appointment. She enjoys communicating with patients and being with them every step of the way.

Mara is passionate about helping them with their health and wellness goals.

Mara enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. The family enjoys jet skiing and watching movies.

Danna Camacho 

Danna M. Camacho is one of the patients most favorite Care Coordinators at NeighborMD Longwood. One of her greatest passions includes serving the surrounding community and working with Not for Profits. Danna feels being a Care Coordinator has come naturally to her.

Danna was awarded an Educational Scholarship through AmeriCorps as an Educational Ambassador in Puerto Rico. Training and developing volunteers to effectively serve within their communities was her goal. For the past five years she has partnered with many local Non-Profits to connect the people with resources available within their communities. Danna has always loved caring for others.

Danna enjoys spending time with as a loving wife, mother and most important as a grandmother.

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